#Japan is pushing for oil embargo on #NK. Last time a certain country got oil embargoed they decided to attack Pearl Harbour. Good luck with that.


"clear to me is that no one should have the authority — the power — to declare any war whatsoever. "
#trump #nk

Best scenario for #NK is if Kim Jung Um continue to have firm control on the Labor Party and starts economic reform that follows #China. While being politically suppressive it will do much better economically.

This relies on many factors, one of which is America stops threatening NK's national security, and China stops sanctioning it. #SK new President Moon can certainly ameliorate some of the tense situations but I am still pessimistic given both #Trump and #Abe seem to want to provoke.

Perspective for #Americans on why #NK hates us.

"But the fact is that inside North #Korea".. “it is still the 1950s … and the conflict with South Korea and the United States is still going on. People in the North feel backed into a corner and threatened.” #war #nuclear