@tyil I understand you'd rather avoid systemd, but personally I'm interested in trying Fedora silverblue, just to see how well a more or less modular distro works

@dx not to mention America loves their ARs :-)

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@Tutanota nice post! What's the status on the U2F support in Firefox? I'd love to be able to secure my account with it.

Beautiful view during my bike ride this morning

@eater sad to see that even 4.2 % 1.0 couldn't do it

@kline rise and shine. At least the weather's nice today. Can't really complain.

@tyil Did you just invite yourself over for dinner? 😄

@tyil It was pretty good. A bit bland though because I ran out of pesto.

Cooking is such a thankless activity. Spend more than half an hour in the kitchen and my meal's finished within 5 minutes 😩

@dx combine it with curry ketchup and onions and become god

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"Critics of the big tech companies are often told, 'If you don’t like the company, don’t use its products.' I did this experiment to find out if that is possible, and I found out that it’s not—with the exception of Apple."

What happened when a reporter blocks blocked Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple for a week.

- Onionshare
- Jitsi
- Purism laptop
- Nokia phone
- physical maps, calendar, and books
- cash


@tyil congratulations! It must feel good to be back

@dx pretty. I love that it was snowing when I arrived in Brussels.

@tyil that's hilariously sad but I can't say I'm surprised. That's ziggo for you.

I had a great time at this year. It was a lot of fun attending all the talks and meeting friends from the internet. I'm looking forward to next year!

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