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"I kidnapped your son! Come rescue him with all the cash you have!! Or you won't ever see him again!"

"Sorry dude I don't have a son. You better try this on someone else"

"Bring the money anyway! Or I'll kidnap your wife!"

"I'm so sorry dude, I don't have a wife, and that's why I don't have a son."

"Then can you at least give me a number of someone you know who has both? I've tried eight before you today and all this same situation...this is embarrassing..."

I was so sure that I saw a squirrel,

and you tell me it's a weasel

Forgot my jacket in the restaurant but got it back,

A very thrilling day today

*browsing through countless exquisite illustrations*

I need more ⊂((・x・))⊃
Artists who drew them don't belong to this world, they're far more advanced creatures ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+

wearing sweater made of rabbit hair turns you into a bunny

Risk free.

Try now.

as weather gets chillier, I'm feeling much more vigorous lol

That was a nice meal, not just for the food but also the service was pleasant altogether, lots of smiling, and when the waitress brought the food she said "please enjoy, thank you"

Oh these tissues smell like steamed cake somehow *stares*

Grey knee socks with white ribbons on the sides ✅

who can stop me from playing tennis wearing them today no one

Anything with the word "baby" in its name should be well protected and cared for.

Like baby potato.
How could you eat it. Brutal.

"Lemon" by 米津玄師




What are these horrible clothes they are selling nothing fits

I just want a simple dress that fits nicely meaning not too loose is that really so much to ask

Did another drawing~🎉🎨
Original Character and yes I love bunny

hug her and you get a head pat (from whom I have no idea)

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on it~


this tiny cold is going to give me a hard time sleeping because not breathing so smoothly through the nose

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