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"Yes, how can we help?"

"I-I think I caught a cold, again"

"I was hoping you'd help me exorcise the demon to make me well again, with your magical potion. I know the price I have to pay."

"But we only sell cakes."
"Precisely. My life depends on it"

Now should I be making this call or what

It takes only ten seconds to move the app that I use the most to the first page, and it'd be a lot more convenient

but I don't

Did I say how much I love Tetris

but haven't played for a while

I know I haven't been looking at you people's posts recently.

but I trust you all have been saying the nicest things about me as they're true.

how very touching

Don't @ me to tell me I'm wrong

@Nightingalle お久しぶり!!そんな可愛い絵が描けるないちんげーるちゃんもかわいい!! 😇

Did another drawing~🎉🎨
Original Character and yes I love bunny

hug her and you get a head pat (from whom I have no idea)

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on it~


I am wearing a new dress today and it makes me so so so so so happy

TFW the burned your steak and explain that it's just the sauce

Hello Fediverse I am back🎉

"alive and well", I like this answer for how r u


How absolutely wonderful the muscles began to feel sore already

I just saw an ambulance stuck in traffic and that got me a bit anxious, but luckily it's out of sight so must be moving faster now

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