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@amaral so what do you do, shake your phone violently? that's what Inusaully do at least

@shpufeff yes everyone likes using rodents for their computer

@amaral nature right there lol anywhere you don't have access to internet can count as nature right? lol

Does it ever occur to you that sometimes you just want to hide into the Mother Nature, draw in breaths of trees and daisies, lie under the sky dome, until you realise you lost all bars on your phone

@shpuld you have to make reservation then, unless you earn some coupons (I said you have to trust me----of cooking you properly)

@shpuld why don't check in and stay here for forty-eight hours to find out? I mean if you can still find your way out...(but you just agreed to get yourself cooked at meedium!)

@shpuld bring it on, I'm sure you won't find anything against the regulations (I cannot cook myself)

@shpuld maybe I should have authorities come over and evaluate the conditions in my traps, make sure everything's good for the standards right? (How well do you want to be cooked?)

@shpuld yes, the point is no one gets out it's going to remain that way *thumb up* (oh I-I was just wondering if you'd like a taste, and um have you seen my pepper and salt?)

@yentru_oc Thank you! Yeah it was a surreal scene really XD

@shpuld yeah technically the princes are trapped there but well (you have to trust me)

@shpuld I've got moats in my dreams for the defence w (p-purely m-metaphorical!)

@shpuld yeah hopefully I can watch the anime I left out in my dream, hope you have a tight sleep~(definitely in the cute way! besides I'd deserted that idea anyway since not edible for me w)

@shpuld probably yes, and you? (Oh sorry...why is that?)

@ajr no no it's okay you didn't miss anything really Xd

@shpuld looking forward to it, I'll rehearse my song in my sleep and be a good student~(You got to admit it's not a terrible idea, foods are pleasant and pure aren't they?)