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The crescent among twilight-tinted clouds, one of the best pics I took these days:)

Had some delicious beef
meat is life isn't it

Took a pic of some white cuties:)


I sang a cover again! 🎉

It's a song called "No heart"
Did the recording and mixing myself~
Feel free to let me know you thoughts on this!


Finally finished my drawing! 🎉
Another OC~
Thinking about naming her, anyone's got good ideas? XD


Did a sketch of a cupcake-eating cutie 🎨 I almost used up the last bit ink of the pen lol

Drew a little doodle~(won't even bother calling it original cause it's so generic)

Today drew a sketch of Hanako again from "Asobi Asobase", kind of unfinished since I'll draw the other cutie next to her as well tomorrow (probably)


Drew a sketch of Olivia from anime "Asobi Asobase" 🎨

The first blondie loli character I fell in love with in a long time 🎉
Think I made her look younger but I like how this turned out XD


Hey I tried singing "夏祭り", just a quick recording, no music, no editing except some reverb, see it as a casual practice or something XD Welcome any feedbacks thanks XD


Had some tea~actually it's my favourite kind, with osmanthus~

Took this a few days ago, those petals are like splendid castles for fairies:)

Had two ice cream bars ealier one of them was mango and the other was this, Waffle on the outside, then toffee chocolate shell and toffee ice cream inside of it all:)

The rose tea I had earlier:)


Ate more cherries...
The prettiest little devils in the world...


The apricots I ate earlier:)