πŸŽ‰ I am most delighted to announce, that I have formed a musical unit with @Guresuke !

We are called "Illusion of Ideal"

Musical Composition: @Guresuke

Vocal: @Nightingalle

We hereby release the first songs that we have created together:

- Illusion of Ideal (English version)

- Illusion of Ideal (Japanese version)


Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on our work:)

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@Nightingalle @Guresuke I totally love it! Great vocal and music!

Hope to see your stuff on bandcamp, if possible. That would be a convenient way to support you.

Will be looking forward to more music from you!

@daniel5555 @Guresuke Thank you so much for this wonderful encouragement! We shall definitely keep our creativity going! Can you specify a bit about this bandcamp you mentioned?

@Nightingalle @Guresuke Bandcamp is a web store for independent bands/musicians. I prefer to buy music there, if possible, instead of using iTunes, Amazon and other services like those.

Personally I don't know how it works for artists, but I've heard good things about it.

Here's the link:

@daniel5555 @Nightingalle Thanks for listening! Yeah, I know Bandcamp of course. Possibly I'll examine about registering our unit when furthermore songs are stocked.

@Nightingalle @Guresuke Just listened to it, and.. wooow. It's awesome, now I'll check the jap version :p

@RafiX @Guresuke Thanks a lot for listening and enjoying it! Yes the Japanese version is just every bit as wonderful in my opinion:)

@Nightingalle @Guresuke Japanese version is better, reminds me of one j-rock band I can't find again now :c

@RafiX @Guresuke Thanks XD aw wish you good luck in retrieving that memory ~

@Nightingalle @Guresuke Tried, can't find it :/ I remember it was j-rock band with only girls, and with some japanese and some english songs..

@RafiX @Nightingalle Thanks for listening! Nightingalle had wanted to sing with Japanese language. So we decided to create both versions.

@kurisu Thank you very much!
We can get self-confidence! We'll also do the best from now on for new song :)


@hakui @Nightingalle γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†γ“γ–γ„γΎγ™!πŸ˜† δ»ŠεΎŒγ‚‚ι ‘εΌ΅γ‚‹γžγ„!

@shadow8t4 Thanks for listening!
I'm also really glad because you were pleased 😁


@Nightingalle @Guresuke Oh my God, yes! I'm very happy to hear of two talents coming together. I hope this allows you further growth. :blobheart:

@mrjunge @Guresuke Hey thanks for this most motivating feedback! No doubt we'll continue to sublimate!

@mrjunge @Nightingalle Thanks for listening! Yeah, her awesome talent will further grow from now on as you say 🀘

@muz @Guresuke Thank you so much for your Compliment! Das ist sehr schΓΆne dass Sie mΓΆgen unsere Musik!

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