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Nightingalle⚜️昼寝姫 @Nightingalle

I Covered the OP from "Pop Team Epic"~ Hope you people like it, please feel free to let me know what you think:)
Recording&Mixing done by myself:)


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@shpuld I enjoy seeing you wishing such sweet things for me

@nightingalle I still very much enjoy hearing you tell me.. wait what are you telling me?

@shpuld I still very much enjoy having you listening...wait I'm not supposed to tell you anything

@nightingalle I guess I'll just have to sit here and keep listening until you tell, while enjoying it

@shpuld I guess I'll just hold onto my silence for a little while longer for you to enjoy

@nightingalle no hurry, I hope you're enjoying it too
@nightingalle take your time then

but what were you gonna tell me
@nightingalle that's what I was hop-- I mean afraid of

@shpuld either way you're stuck so sit here and listen to my endless talking

@nightingalle as long as there's snacks and entertainment I won't rebel
@nightingalle maybe.. but I know you won't stand still


Very good work as usual.
Bravo 👏
The mixing is excellent .

@Nightingalle :) There is no too much to add which has not already said. You are a skilled singer and musician :)) I like your musical tast so much. And, it seems to me , your covers don't have any difference from a professional built.
So... May I request you an autograph, please? n-n

@astheroth Ahh Thank you, for giving me such kind remarks as always!!
What a reward!
Lots of rooms for improvements though haha:)

Haha *blush*

@sathariel ah that one's cute but don't know if they'd release the instrumental...anyway I'd try the ED first maybe

@Nightingalle I feel your singing is more powerful than the original 👍

@Nightingalle sugoi!! CD聴いてるみたい!! It sounds like a pro singer!!

@mayuutann ええ本当?!!!あああまゆまゆがこう言ってくれてもう一日中幸せだ!

@Nightingalle I like ポプテピピック, too!!
I guess nacchan is a pro singer!!

@mayuutann is there a special dubber that you're hoping to see in the next episodes?

Aww how sweet of you XD

@Nightingalle What does dubber mean? I don't know original manga well. So I have no idea...😅

@Nightingalle A~ha!! I like popuko's voice. not おじさん.

@mayuutann でも毎週キャストが変えているよね、まゆまゆは誰か出演してほしい声優さんがいるの?

@Nightingalle あー、声優さんはよくわかんない😅

@mayuutann そうか:)先週のポプ子が可愛かったね

@mayuutann 先週のピピミとポプ子の声優たちが野原新之助と野原ひまわりのと同じ方らしいよ〜

@Nightingalle As always super professional, both the singing and the production. The actual track is not much my style, I prefer your other covers. The way you sing on this one appeals less to me than e.g. your cover of "あなたがいた森". But it shows how diverse a range of music you can handle.

@wim_v12e Thank you:) It is completely understandable that you prefer a different genre (I expected so after listening to the bands you recommended). In fact quite some people find this song rather queer with all its electronic elements:) Normally I wouldn't be attracted to it either, however it's the OP of a really fun anime, so the song made quite an impression in my mind:)
Anyway possibly I'll choose to cover something softer next, for instance "打上花火"

@Nightingalle Yeah I gathered that you really like this anime series, after you talked about it here with Cafou. I do like electronic music as well, but again of a different style (e.g. POLYSICS). I look forward to your next one!

@wim_v12e For electronic music I listen to tropical house a lot. Oh I guess you prefer a game-like style?

@Nightingalle I don't know what a game-like style is 😳 . My favourite electronic bands are Kraftwerk and Front 242, and solo artist Björk.

@wim_v12e not sure myself either, melodies and synthisisers resembling game bgms?

@Nightingalle What's a "bgm"? I'm not a gamer at all, sorry :(

@Nightingalle You know, just when I had pressed "Toot!", I guessed that that was what it meant :/
Ha, but you play Tetris! That's hardcore!

@wim_v12e oops you got me, I'm surprised that you still remember XD


@Nightingalle @wim_v12e Sorry to interrupt. Everybody should love tetris.

@cmdr_amarao @wim_v12e Playing Tetris is the only way to prove that you are human

@Nightingalle @wim_v12e Actually... It doesn't work that well as a turing test. But I do get your idea.

@cmdr_amarao @wim_v12e ouch yeah that would not have worked, but hey, Tetris is also a form art, so only humans can truly appreciate it