I Covered the OP from "Pop Team Epic"~ Hope you people like it, please feel free to let me know what you think:)
Recording&Mixing done by myself:)


@nightingalle I still very much enjoy hearing you tell me.. wait what are you telling me?

@shpuld I still very much enjoy having you listening...wait I'm not supposed to tell you anything

@nightingalle I guess I'll just have to sit here and keep listening until you tell, while enjoying it

@shpuld I guess I'll just hold onto my silence for a little while longer for you to enjoy

@nightingalle take your time then

but what were you gonna tell me
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Very good work as usual.
Bravo 👏
The mixing is excellent .

@Nightingalle :) There is no too much to add which has not already said. You are a skilled singer and musician :)) I like your musical tast so much. And, it seems to me , your covers don't have any difference from a professional built.
So... May I request you an autograph, please? n-n

@astheroth Ahh Thank you, for giving me such kind remarks as always!!
What a reward!
Lots of rooms for improvements though haha:)

Haha *blush*

@sathariel ah that one's cute but don't know if they'd release the instrumental...anyway I'd try the ED first maybe

@Nightingalle I feel your singing is more powerful than the original 👍

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