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Here comes a piece of music that I'm creating, let me what you guys think:) Background pic by myself:)

@astheroth Have you heard this before? A little original composition I did, well just a fragment I did for fun:)

Nightingalle⚜️ スマホを食べたい @Nightingalle

@astheroth see you later:) perhaps you were busy:) I'll miss you and take care of yourself *put a hug in there so you can see it when you get back*

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@astheroth @Nightingalle ...'ILNAACM'... perhaps I begin to understand...
...or maybe not! 😺

@astheroth @Nightingalle Hi Asthe! Ahem, I'm to shy to express my deductions.
(...I hope Hime-sama is going to forgive me!)

@Eidon @Nightingalle She knows what the letters mean. I told her the last week