@Nightingalle おかしいでしょう…

Yes, I'm aware that sweets aren't written like that :blobcat:

@Nightingalle そう、そう!お菓子はおいしいです!

Also, please don't think I'm capable of more than a few Japanese phrases, there's a reason why I only included German an English in my profile :blob_grinning_sweat:

@mezzodrinker and please don’t think I’m capable of more than a few German phrases, I don’t know why I put it in my profile lol

@Nightingalle You wrote that you're still learning it, so I won't throw German phrases at you unless you tell me to. Oder würde ich das doch tun? :blobwink:

@mezzodrinker j-ja! k-kein Problem!! I AM learning German but my progress has been pretty slow and I haven’t been putting enough time into it

@Nightingalle Just do it at your pace. I don't think anybody's rushing you. :blobhappy:

By the way, if I may ask, what's your motivation for learning German?

@mezzodrinker that’s true~ Vielen Dank~

oh I just like languages, and German is my current target:)

@Nightingalle 勿論です!

Oh, I see! I take it you're good at languages, then?

@mezzodrinker hm I can speak English and Japanese fluently, and my mother tongue (yet to disclose :P)
so not a linguistic expert like some can speak 5 or 6 languages XD

@Nightingalle Well, you still know more languages than me, as it's only German, English (both fluently) and a tiny amount of Japanese for me. I used to speak French, too, but because I never used/had to use it, by now I can only understand the gist (if anything) of what someone says.

@mezzodrinker well if you have a rudimentary (however struggling) understanding of french then guess it’s a tie between us

@Nightingalle the first episode of date a live aired today btw :blobpeek:

@ivesen oh was gonna ask you if you did, okay then tell me what you think about it once you have watched it

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