You only get to use your brain once a day

@tdemin really? I just pass out whenever I get sleepy

For me it’s “time for food”

@Nightingalle you don't need to go to bed to pass out 😉 that's why "time to bed" is only once per day

@Nightingalle And I try to contribute to the second. It's a combined effort :blobhappy:

@Nightingalle ...that achieving the speed of light, when disregarding all relativistic effects and requirements for propulsion, will take you about 115 days if you were to sit in a space craft with a constant acceleration of 30m/s².

@Nightingalle Absolutely! If you just find a way to disregard widely-accepted physical theories, you'll be able to travel back in time in almost no time!

@mezzodrinker I’ll give it a serious ponder!! is there anything you’d like me to do for you in the past?

@Nightingalle Maybe the small task of trying to ensure that humanity does not have this much of a negative impact on Earth?

@mezzodrinker oh I won’t be going back that far, just gonna go back to when I was 15 or something

@Nightingalle Still better than nothing! A few years should be enough to stay under the +2°C limit. Or at least I think so.

@Nightingalle I wish I went to more demonstrations than I have. While a lot of them tend to not change much, in a democracy, you should stand up for your opinions.

But hey, we can't change the past, can we? We are who we are and everyone's only the sum of their individual experiences.

@mezzodrinker I’m just the sum of the words I learnt, I believe that every single vocabulary people have picked up ever since they were born has a certain influence on their opinions and principles

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