tkplwjdwzdsydljdl, whkj, awaww, bbwhbh

@hj if so I feel I need to offer you a serious head pat

@hj that emoji is too cute to be serious, better luck next time!

@Nightingalle ewen when being seriously :serious: serious remembew to take it easy!! :Yukkuri_Reimu:
@Nightingalle my memory works incredibbly well even if i'm drunk!!

@hj oh then sorry I cannot tell you! Gotta find someone completely wasted!

@Seq okay good to learn, I’ll come to you when there’s a bee circling around me

I've got experience there. My ex always attracted bees and would run to me to save her.

Bees are bros so they'd always just fly away with a little hand waving :3

@Seq I’ll tuck a little pot of honey in your pocket when you’re not noticing *runs*

I think we have another flower girl already I'm sorry nights
@Seq @Nightingalle they are by far the qt-est insects. mine are so cute you almost wanna pet em

Especially when they're a big fuzzy species! So cute I just want to pet them!
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