*turns on the screen rotation lock*

*lies down*

@Nightingalle i always have that thing on, i refuse to ever turn on screen rotation

it annoys the HECK out of me

@TurboMoist what kind of people use a phone AND a computer too

you wanton people smh

@Nightingalle i need my phone for mobile gacha games and for when i'm out and about

@Ocean22 @TurboMoist that’s why I have PC too, only I give more affection to my phone, my PC is basically just a Cinderella that I don’t love at all

@TurboMoist @Ocean22 you wanna take my PC for a dance and marry it? I give you two my blessing

@Nightingalle @Ocean22 i don't think a pc could dance anyway so i might have to ask u to one instead

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