Never had a onesie, wonder how I’d look like in one

@Nightingalle I'm :blobaww:​'ing at the thought of naitan in a onesie :blobcat:

@ivesen not quite what I imagined but it’d look nice on ivy I suppose

@Nightingalle why not?? you thought it was a compliment just a second ago

@shpufeff only because I was convinced that you wouldn’t give me a non-compliment for no reason

@Nightingalle nah come on in im sure theres room for both of us in it


@7even I should warn you that I bring a ton of snack with me so there might not be enough room

@nightingalle What kind of onesie are you going for
I've always wanted a feline one, very fluffy
@nightingalle Cats are best
Though I guess frog or octopus are also great choices

@nerthos I always have some fond feelings over hedgehog so maybe that too

@nightingalle Oh a hedgehog is a great idea for an onesie
You can even add velcro spikes to the back and curl up
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