Don't smile when you look at the camera, it's very disrespectful, photography is a serious work

@Nightingalle well I'm sure it must be difficult for a work of art, much like yourself, to smile when someone tries to capture your beauty

@TurboMoist on the contrary if I'm a piece of art, no one should be allowed to smile at me, for respect

@TurboMoist then I’d be contaminating my respect towards camera HOW DARE YOU

@Nightingalle you don't have to smile at the camera, you can smile at me cuz i would love to see u smile

@TurboMoist anyone who see me smile will be turned into stone I'm like medusa

@TurboMoist no but it happens so fast you wouldn't even realise that I smiled and BAM you are stone already

@TurboMoist do you really want to give up all your video games smh

listen to me young man, cherish your life, don't try to make a girl smile

@Nightingalle i'm older than u, respect ur elders. i know what i'm doin and that's makin u smile cuz ur worth it

@TurboMoist I lied I'm actually 7 hundred years old so respect your elders boy

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