Going to knit a hat for myself! 🔆

so got some yarns today~ (see pic)

@nightingalle That's pretty cool! Is this your first time knitting or do you already have some experience?

@wakarimasen thanks! Oh I’ve been knitting since I was 14~ but haven’t made anything in a quite a while~

@wakarimasen hm I knit pretty slow, I hope I can get it done before February

@nightingalle Might be cutting it close, if you're unlucky, it will be too warm to wear it by then!


hmm, since you're the expert, in order to start knitting, is there anything in particular you'd recommend making?

just realised have some yarn sitting around

@shmibs then I’d say I scarf since it’s just a flat piece of garment, that doesn’t require any complex technique at all

mmmkay, i guess that makes the most sense, yeh.

not going to use whatever ends up here, just boring plain white yarn, but will try and report back ^_^

@shmibs white scarves are cute too, or you can make a little purse-like bag for putting some small trinkets in
Anyway good luck! And feel free to ask me any questions as long as I know~

thanks! ^_^

mmm, realised i had two colours, and one is this kind of ugly pale blue, so going to save the white for later and use this one as practice.

first attempt, was going ok here up until the slip knot, think i really messed something up there X_X
using these teeny tiny needles and ratty yarn probably isn't the best for starting out either, but it's what's here ...

@shmibs not necessarily, it’s good to start practicing with some makeshift yarns, because you’d make some some mistakes and have to undo parts etc

@shmibs no it looks nice!! in my experience, if something slipped just put it back on lol

@shmibs actually if you feel something is wrong, take off a few stitches and redo it and you’ll be fine

ah cool, that's good to know, that you can just do things over. thanks for the prompting; this is fun!

@shmibs I really love knitting so I wish you could enjoy it too! also it’s better to check each row after you just finish to make sure it’s all correct, it’d be a bit more difficult to redo once you are a few rows away lol
it’s also better to just check after you finish like every five stitches or something~

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