I had a dream that I got a kitten, or two, can't remember but they were so adorable

@Nightingalle awww. At least with a face when you see a delicious food. :3

@Nightingalle glad to know you're drawing. Here reading about biology. But when I'm onto computer everything changes. I try to read instead of being here. Well, sometimes I program for a bit. xD

@Nightingalle yeah, I like study new things I never did. Let's say I'm becoming a more self-taught with science. :)

@Nightingalle really thank you. :)

And I try not to be sad in moments I'm through every day. I try to keep positive and learn new things while others do something different than I do.

I'm not a popular guy nor with "mode" is nowadays. xD
But I'm being inspired between two or three scientists: Michael Faraday, Thomas Huxley and Srinivasa Ramanujan.

I'm cheering for you too because you love drawing and singing. We can have different things, but I really support you what you do. :D

@Nightingalle but my grand teacher is Stephen Hawking he inspired me to becoming scientist. :)

@valdecast thank you too:) let's just both be happy for who we are and what we do:)

@Nightingalle and sounded very kind from your part. I like that. :)

@Nightingalle draw all you like until you're satisfied with your results. :)

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