I started taking art commissions now‼️

If you're interested please feel free to reply or DM me for more information~

Here are some samples of my drawings, I also draw in other styles too~

@kame Guten Abend~ the price is depending on the type of commission I take, like how refined the client wants it to be:)

@Nightingalle Sorry for the late reply. Maybe the price for a picture that can be used as avatar?

@kame it's okay:) Are we talking about a headshot, from waist up, whole body or chibi style, etc?:)

@Nightingalle Guten Morgen!
I think a headshot would be best.

@Nightingalle Good price. You could make me a new avatar, when i'm sure about the motiv.

@nightingalle how do you want to get paid? paypal or anything else?

@mouse maybe if you try refresh the page a few times and wait for it to load?

@mouse @nightingalle That is what it looked like on my end until I accepted scripts. I don't know if you block js like I do.

@sim @mouse ah maybe that's the cause after all? I've never experienced anything like that...

@nightingalle @mouse Sounds like you don't use uMatrix like me. It comes in handy.
@nightingalle @mouse Yeah. It gives you more control over the javascript that is allowed and from where. I can't believe how many different websites insert JS onto one page sometimes. :s
@nightingalle I don't really know all the technical details but yes. It gives you more control over that. You have less js you need to put up with! It's crazy what websites usually have. I would recommend it... especially if you use firefox.
@nightingalle @sim I found out it has to do with Noscript not wanting to let images load, even though I whitelisted sealion and
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