@Nightingalle that's right. I'm having problem to sleep well, but soon I'll be okay. xD
Hi, how have you been, my friend?

@Nightingalle glad to hear it. :)
You, kitty, know how to share good foods on your instance, with pictures. They look all yummy. I envy you but I respect you very much. :)

@Nightingalle Guten Abend.
Wünsche schöne Träume.
Wish you nice dreams.

@Nightingalle Guten Morgen.
Hier ist alles bestens.
Everything is fine here.

@Nightingalle Very stressful. A lot of work and my daughter has a cold.

@kame I'm so sorry to hear that, I hope she gets better soon...and please take care of yourself too

@Nightingalle I'm ok, but the little girl is not in a good mood. Don't sleep well and is whiny, but in a few days everything is fine again.

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