It was a very fine cup of pomegranet juice but the things written on the cup is wow

front: no I'll constantly worry and never be happy now because the loading bar is stuck at 62%

Back: I'm at the best age of my life why should I forget about it

@shpufeff utterly inappropriate, I wish I ordered the smaller cup that had none of this nonsense on it!

@Nightingalle but then you would have less juice... not acceptable...

@shpufeff then I can parade around like holding heka and hekhakha!

@Nightingalle of course there'd be pomegranate in it, but is it the only ingredient?

@Azurolu I should think so...what else do you reckon they added in it?

@Nightingalle I don't know, I had a pomegranate juice made of only pomegranate once and it didn't have a good taste. But pomegranate smoothie is delicious, and I can imagine it tasting better if it was blended with orange juice or something
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