My legs hurt because of the fever


@botan ご無沙汰!ありがとう~牡丹たんも気をつけてね!

@wakarimasen thanks, I am resting but the pain's still there, and have zero intolerance for pain ; ;

@nightingalle Take a nap, and if it doesn't get better afterwards, maybe take some low-dosage painkillers... Ibuprofen is good against fever!

@wakarimasen I took a nap, so I'm sleepy at the moment, and intersting fact, I've never had painkillers in my life lol

@nightingalle Sometimes they are necessary, but it is important not to take them too often!

@wakarimasen thanks for advice! I'll just be patient and try to distract myself from the pain ; ;
You take care too, don't catch a cold!

@nightingalle Too late, I already caught one a few days ago. Thankfully it's only a slight one.
I hope you get well, soon!

@wakarimasen ahhh please take it easy for it to fully recover:) Thanks again for the kind wishes!

@Nightingalle just gotta take it easy... leg massage might help too

@shpufeff thank you...great to know that there's another option than waiting for my legs for fall asleep to absolute numbness

@Nightingalle Sorry to hear you're ill. If it's your muscles tha that hurt, a hot bath might help. I hope you get better soon!

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