Things I want to say but don't want everyone to know


you don't know what I just said yay

@Nightingalle don't worry, I will, unless someone pays me enough

@shpufeff you tell me something in return for me to keep a secret

@shpufeff so you want to consult me in private? should I do it for free?

@Nightingalle of course, you're so kind you would always do so

@shpufeff not this time around, I need to charge you so I can have the asset to buy your silence over my secret, remember?

I might not know what you said but I want u to be able to read it when I call u cute

you are the big cute, kouhai and everyone should know

I'll post that ur cute every morning so you can be immortal. I'll do it for u!

I'll accept young but I'm not all that smart so I got u there

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