Had some sushi~

If someone asks me "between becoming a salmon and not being able to eat sushi for the rest of your entire life, which one would you rather choose"

I'll choose "not being able to eat sushi for the rest of my entire life"

But still sushi is so good

@shpufeff a coincidence that the sushi fishes I ordered today all look kinda pink, cute w

@Nightingalle If you become a salmon, you can make sushi out of yourself.

@namtari that's a bit too kinky, I'd rather make sushi out of some other people who just got turned into salmon

@Nightingalle Become a witch, turn people into salmons and tuna.

Unlimited sushi.

@namtari do you wanna be my assistant and brew my magical potion

@namtari yes wrong move now I'll turn you into a salmon, or tuna, your choice

@Nightingalle Tuna have big mouths, just like me, so maybe that will make the transformation easier.

@namtari cute, I think I'll put you in a tank rather making you into sushi

@Nightingalle blub

"I want three bubble stones; no less"

Translation provided by TunaTrans™️

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