"I kidnapped your son! Come rescue him with all the cash you have!! Or you won't ever see him again!"

"Sorry dude I don't have a son. You better try this on someone else"

"Bring the money anyway! Or I'll kidnap your wife!"

"I'm so sorry dude, I don't have a wife, and that's why I don't have a son."

"Then can you at least give me a number of someone you know who has both? I've tried eight before you today and all this same situation...this is embarrassing..."

@Nightingalle "I'm sorry I don't have a wife or a girlfriend, so maybe you would want to go out on a date?"

@shpufeff "not until you find me someone to kidnap first, business before pleasure"

@Nightingalle I guess you'll just have to hold on to the hostage while waiting for the ransom

@shpufeff for someone who doesn't have a wife nor a son, sounds like the ransom won't arrive anytime I get to keep the hostage for a fairly long time?

@Nightingalle i don't have a wife or kids, nightingalle

bold of you to assume i could trick a girl long enough to marry me

@TurboMoist I was asking if you're the kidnapper or the guy who received the call

and nah you're too young to say something like that

@Nightingalle exactly! i'm the guy who received the call because i don't have a wife and kids

i wouldn't be able to trick a girl long enough to marry me

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