What are these horrible clothes they are selling nothing fits

I just want a simple dress that fits nicely meaning not too loose is that really so much to ask

@shpufeff will do, I'll find with a flash light after entering the shops in the middle of the night

@Nightingalle good plan, be sure to wear black clothes and cover your face as well, that's just midnight fashion

@shpufeff you're going to assure everyone that there's no need to be scared by my presence?

@shpufeff how about you draw a moomin on the ground, and while the ink isn't dry I just lie down on my stomach on it while wearing the shirt

@Nightingalle oh were I dropping my things again? thanks for picking them up!! you're a real sweetheart!

@Nightingalle huhu i'm sure you'd look like a cute anime girl with any dress on

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