I am wearing a new dress today and it makes me so so so so so happy

翻訳したよ〜!なになに……? :@Nightingalle:< Show more

@Nightingalle Nice to hear from you after so long a while, Hime-sama! And even more hearing that there's something that pleases you! ^_^

@Eidon hello Eidon! Yes it's been a while indeed:) Thank you for always being so kind and I hope you're having a pleasant time!

@Nightingalle It is my pleasure Hime-sama! Always wishing you the very best ^_^

@Nightingalle sounds very nice, but it must be even nicer when it's on you

@shpufeff yes otherwise it's just a piece of fabric but once I pick it up, whoa

@Nightingalle if I pick you up, does it become even more whoa?

You know what they say, "look good, feel good" 😊

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