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Nightingalle⚜️睡眠は世界一の正義 @Nightingalle

I don't think people are capable of producing good jokes when haven't had good sleeps and meals

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翻訳したよ〜!なになに……? :@Nightingalle:< Show more

衣食足りて礼節を知る ウホね🐵

芸術のための芸術 とは言うけど

wait no kouhai don't turn that into a compliment omg you're so pure

@TurboMoist s-sorry i couldn't help just deserve tons of compliments, you know...

@nightingalle I thought everyone was serious all the time.
@nightingalle What is there to decipher? :thinking:
@nightingalle Since we are talking about being serious... it meant serious business.