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Nightingalle⚜️昼寝姫 @Nightingalle

Hello Fediverse I am back 🎉

Got bitten by mosquitoes.


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@shmibs I know, maybe I should apply some chilli on my skin

@Nightingalle wb

did you visit finland? we have loads of those


@shpufeff ty hry?

Nice, a place full of tiny cute vampires


@Nightingalle vg! hay?

yes, and also me, not so tiny but hopefully cute


@shpufeff vgt!

if you are the largest by size the you should be their ruler, and tell them not to sting me


@Nightingalle gtht!

I don't think they listen to me, they bite me too!!


@shpufeff gtsy!

Can't you bite back? You have some advantages no?


@Nightingalle gtbh!

I don't want to eat mosquitoes! that's disgusting!!


@shpufeff gp!

oh right especially they sting your mouth too


@Nightingalle (grand prix?)

they probably wouldn't be able to do that, they need some preparation before they can suck the blood, but I'd still eat something else instead


@shpufeff (good post)

I hope it's not blood you are planning to eat


@Nightingalle yapgp

I'll neither confirm or deny that


@shpufeff (you are posting good posts?)

I'll let my imagination run wild


@Nightingalle (very close! you always post good posts)

and I have my faith in your imagination that it will remain pure even when running wild


@Nightingalle Herzlich willkommen zurück.
Ja das ist der Preis für den Regen. Hier ist alles frei von Mücken.
Yes, that's the price for the rain. Here everything is free of mosquitoes.

@Nightingalle Dass es nicht regnet, oder dass wir keine Mücken haben?
That we have no rain or that we have no mosquitoes?