@shpufeff in fact about two hours so I decided to split it up and offer you 50%, can you feel it 少年!!! The power! The energy! The freedom! Coursing through your veins!!!

@Nightingalle I-I can feel it! I feel so energetic I think I'm going to leave work for today!!!

@shpufeff Good! That's exactly what I gave your my nap for!! An energetic evening is the best!!!

@Nightingalle I'm sure you would love the teacher to be at full energy when teaching right?
@Nightingalle d-don't say the pats were in vain!! it means a lot to me!!

@shpufeff s-sori...i-it's not like I'm going anywhere or wearing a helmet now so...so...

@Nightingalle o-oh good... a helmet would ruin your naturally beautiful hairstyle too


I'm back. I made a wonderful dream. Full of bookshelves.

@cafou Welcome back! Nice:) hope you read some fascinating stories:)

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