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Nightingalle⚜️昼寝姫 @Nightingalle

Hello Fediverse I am back 🎉

I managed to drop my phone on my neck again


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@Nightingalle it is a very common thing for a clumsy person like me, yes

@Shotagonist not at all my phone could never do something that hurts me never!!

@Shotagonist it's just it didn't land on my collarbone otherwise hohoho

@shpufeff ty hry

Thank you although it requires more practice until I can finally perform it in front of someone else


@Nightingalle jwu, y?

I'm sure it will be a hit when you practice it and show it to the world


@shpufeff wuawa, ht

Do you want to help me rehearse?


@Nightingalle (woke up and ???)

I'm not sure how, but sure I guess


@shpufeff (woke up a while ago, having tea)

I guess I hold my phone while lying down and you nudge my elbow out of blue and *drops* hopefully the whole process is smooth for better visual effect


@Nightingalle (I had cofe instead, I hope you slept well)

I'll poke you in the sides for the same effect


@shpufeff (tried a new tea today that has mint and some herb in it and I'm pretty sure I'll never choose it again. Yes I slept fine~did you wake up at 5:20?)

That's tickling and I react very violently to tickling, you ought to be warned


@Nightingalle (w that's very fancy, probably not my taste. good to hear, yes I did, I went to bed earlier as well)

I'll be prepared~


@Nightingalle It's too hot. Yesterday we had 40°C and today it will be the same.
How is your day?

@kame Oh no...people is pretty cool there was a rain yesterday so:) I am doing well thanks:)