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Nightingalle⚜️昼寝姫 @Nightingalle

Did a sketch of a cupcake-eating cutie 🎨 I almost used up the last bit ink of the pen lol

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@nightingalle very cute!! the shading is excellent, you're very good with traditional!

@shpuld Kiitos!! Chibi style is something I can keep under control w

@nightingalle as long as it's cute that's the most important w
@nightingalle I would like to but other activities have been eating my drawing time this week!

@shpuld I see, just tell them to puke out your drawing time

@shpuld oh do they need to drink some vodka first to instigate the reflux process?

@nightingalle no I want to drink that vodka myself


@mrjunge yes! Obsessed with drawing the deformed style XD

I love that you love that I love cuz the sketch is big cute and so r u

@TurboMoist I love that you love that I love that you love cuz Senpai is the kindest and I'll draw something cuter for Senpai's encouragement

@Nightingalle gosh darnit you are adorable, i'm excited to see what you'll draw now!!

@TurboMoist thanks!! Probably something generic but I'll do my best!

@ajr Thanks a lot!! Going to draw lots of these XD

@Nightingalle Ich warte gespannt auf das Nächste.
I'm really looking forward to the next one.

@Shotagonist there you go *now it's time for your imagination to come out and okay*