Hello Fediverse I am back 🎉

Hey what day is today? oh right, it's a day for tea and biscuits


@shpufeff ty hry

you desire corndog so much when did you turn American


@Nightingalle pg, ntta, hay?

you desire lohikeitto so much when did you turn Finnish?


@shpufeff (not too tired already?) vg, tfi

you desire cofe so much when did you turn Arabian


@Nightingalle (not too tired anymore, I got up a bit earlier) (tfi?)

n-no drinking lots of cofe is a very finnish thing


@shpufeff (time for ice cream) but I didn't have that ice cream in the end

c-cofe was invented by Arabians?


@Nightingalle perhaps you can have that ice cream today then?

y-yes but finns are typically the ones that drink it the most in the world


@shpufeff Imm oitin id nau

o-okay but how else can you prove that you are a real Finn?


@Nightingalle don't get a brain freeze!!

umm... I'll order you a steak in finnish in a finnish restaurant


@shpufeff just finnished it and feeling decent, mind cool and heart warm

But if being taught even I could manage that


@Nightingalle wanna warm that head up with a gentle pat though?

well if I teach it to you then, would that prove it?


@shpufeff if the hand is proven warmer than my head!

No problem then


@Nightingalle I'll warm my hands in the sauna

alright, we need to have another private lesson at some point then


@shpufeff then since likely you elbow will be warmed too you can also pat me with that

Yes can't imagine how else it's gonna work


@Nightingalle that sounds a bit rude, unless you just want me to rest my arms on you

how much should I charge for the next private lesson then?


@shpufeff Sounds like that would impede me growing taller

name your price and I'll bargain


@Nightingalle but do you really want to grow taller? it's easier to hide and spy on people when you're small

one week of cofe+headpat services


@shpufeff until there's a fence just above my eye level

You'll be receiving the pat or giving?


@Nightingalle then you just need a small ladder or a stool, wouldn't that be super cute?

hmm.. why not both?


@shpufeff or you could simply lift me up and help me spy on other people

okay, as for the cofe part I'll make sure that it's full of iron


@Nightingalle that would make me your accomplice, iiyo

w-why? am I not tough enough already?


@shpufeff so not just the cake you'll get fifty percent of the sentence too isn't that just wonderful

y-you are! I-I just want to make my cofe a bit more special for you from the rest...


@Nightingalle I-I suppose... let's just not get caught!

I see, so it tastes more like blood with so much iron in it


@shpufeff we can commit another crime by stealing a trolley and I'll sit in it, you push me all the way throughout our escape, obviously you've got longer legs so run faster

Nevertheless you'd still pretend like you enjoy it for not hurting my ego

@Nightingalle I suppose by doing all this there's that thrill of getting caught together... yeah I can push and I'll be careful to not hit anything!

well if there's any vampire in me, it would be tasty


@shpufeff of course we are in this to together. "Your honour! It's shp! Yes, shp forced me to do all of that!!"

isn't there?


@Nightingalle how very rude!! you wouldn't do such a thing!

we'll find out depending on how that cofe tastes humuhumu


@shpufeff just wanted to play the role of a bad human being for fun once, as I know I would never be a bad person for my entire life

I'll get you a whole bucket


@Nightingalle oh you should've told me! I'll show you bad! *takes 60%of the cake*

I'll bathe in it

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