@Nightingalle Too many work, too less sleep? Aspirin or fresh air could help.

@kame something unhappy happened but now everything's cool, I don't take medications for headaches~

@Nightingalle I'm sorry to hear that. I'll leave you alone then better.

@kame Thanks a lot for asking:) I hope you are having a good day?

@Nightingalle Not really, but it will be better if my birthday party is over.

@Nightingalle Me and my parents at the same place is never a good idea. But i try to be nice.

@Nightingalle No problem, it's the same as every year, everything routine.

@Nightingalle And my little daughter has a lot of fun. She loves cake.

@shpuld thanks:) getting a lot better now, it was purely emotional so it heals quick

@shpuld wow with this kind of healing power you should practice medicine

@nightingalle sounds like a pain to administer that to everyone
@lebronjames75 I say we set some t75 explosives and get the hell out

mind if I stream???

@shpuld ah yes, we should keep this a bit more exclusive so you won't be worn out

@nightingalle yes I also need my rest and all that so that way it's good

@Nightingalle i had headache today too.

get well soon ^^

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