Hey It's Illusion of Ideal! ( @ioi )
We just released our second songs!!!

We present to you "Crepuscular Euphoria" and "To Ember" (a prelude for CE)

You can check them out here:

-Crepuscular Euphoria (English Version)

-Crepuscular Euphoria (Japanese Version)


Musical composition: @Guresuke
Vocal: @Nightingalle

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on our work!

I will listen after a shower, I just woke up and am in no way ready to critique anything

I always forget breakfast, this is a good reminder

thank you nightingalle

@TurboMoist you are welcome, only if I can make it a habit myself someday too lol

I always skipped breakfast when I was just a tiny moist, so that habit has followed me

@TurboMoist I never skipped breakfast when I was a tiny Nightingalle, but now here I am lol

@Nightingalle they call me TurboTrustworthy

you've made a good choice, nightingalle

@TurboMoist well if I made the right decision on something as critical as this then I can get pretty much anything right

@Nightingalle exactly, you can do anything! i will always believe in you!

@Nightingalle @Guresuke @ioi very enjoyable nicely paced buildup/release and wow those lyrics!

@7even @Guresuke @ioi Thank you for listening and this encouraging feedback!! With music this great it's too easy to get good inspiration to write lyrics XD

@7even Thanks for listening!
Her lyrics always are very appropriate for my music. So I don't order about lyrics when she writes lyrics.

@Nightingalle @ioi

@djabadu Thank you very much! We will keep creating exciting songs 🤘
@Nightingalle @ioi

@kurisu Thanks for listening and liking! I'm very glad and happy :blob_laughing:

@Nightingalle @ioi

@valdecast @ioi @Guresuke It's really too appreciated the encouragement you say:) Thanks a lot for the support:)

@Nightingalle @ioi
you're welcome. I'm listening in both languages. Your voice is really good in both languages. You got my respect. And @Guresuke is too good at playing. I support you guys. 👍

I wish to have on my phone hearing this good song. xD

@valdecast @ioi @Guresuke I am flattered but aspired thanks to your words XD
Yes he's rendering all kinds possibilities onto our projects with his magical composition XD

@Nightingalle @ioi @Guresuke
you're welcome. But I say the truth, that's it. I simply am being honest. :)

@valdecast Thanks for listening! I'm really glad :blobfistbumpR:
If you would like, you'll be able to download the songs from our site.

@Nightingalle @ioi

@Guresuke @Nightingalle @ioi oh I see. :)
Thanks. While, to be honest, I really sense your afford on your songs. You got my support. :D
Keep it up. If it were a CD, I would buy, too. x)

@valdecast We appreciate your support.
It will be very encouraging to us 😄

@Nightingalle @ioi

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