"小さな恋のうた" by 高橋李依

「涙にかわり 喜びになり

ほら あなたにとって
大事な人ほど すぐそばにいるの
ほら あなたにだけ
届いて欲しい 響け恋の歌」

@Nightingalle Hey, that's a different 小さな恋のうた from the one I know, by MONGOL800
広い宇宙の数ある一つ 青い地球の広い世界で
小さな恋の思いは届く 小さな島のあなたのもとへ

@wim_v12e Ah yes the one you know is the original and it's great:) this one is from an anime:)
And the lyrics I posted is from the second verse and chorus XD

@Nightingalle Ah, so it is the same song then. I confess that I did not read past the first verse :) But it is a great song indeed!

@Nightingalle I didn't know them, been listening :) It's funny to see that they have a song about JITTERIN'JINN: my fav band GO!GO!7188 has a song 「ジェットにんぢん』 which ends with

ジェットにんぢん 空とぶにんぢん
きっと誰かの 聞きまちがい
ジェットにんぢん 昔はやった
歌手の名前は ジッタリン・ジン

@wim_v12e wow so maybe the two bands shared a close relation or just paying tribute?

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