I drew another original character! 🎉

Feel free to give me some feedback or use it as your icon (you probably won't but well)~
So it's pretty obvious that I developed this obsession with elf ears and hair buns XD


@shpuld Thanks!! Something I can be proud about for a century. Hope the line art improved a bit compared to a month ago...

@nightingalle I think it has improved, not that I remember too well what the last ones looked like

@shpuld I'll keep practicing the body part which is like a nemesis to me. Just forget about the last one, any old works can now be considered as tossed into the fireplace (except being all digital)

@nightingalle bodies become simpler if you make them pettan
@nightingalle but small chests are cute, and girls are cute too
@nightingalle only from an artistic point of view, and what's cute (cute is not impure)

@shpuld "artistic" the bullet proof camouflage for impure people like you

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Oh my.
Your drawings skills grow fast as I can see.
Love the character.

@cafou A million thanks! It's been a while since I'd drawn anything, but here I am resting for my cold so TaDa~ she's born:) Maybe I should give her a name:)


You deserved it. I remembered the body shape was your "weakness" but I clearly acknowledge you take advantage of your cold 😉
May I suggest a name?

@cafou yeah like the fever practically burnt the art out of me :P
Yes please!


I'll name her.... Sarah.
Classic name I admit but I think it fit to her. What did you think?

@Nightingalle OMG, really cute! Really like the coloring. This looks like you improved a lot. :blobcheer:

@mrjunge Thank you!! Got to admit this one granted me lots of sense of accomplishment:) One of the reasons it turned out well is probably because I followed strictly to my preference over the hairstyle XD

@Nightingalle Yeah, it was good you did because the hairstyle came out extra cute/beautiful! But yeah, I'm starting to see you develop a more defined style in general--at least from the stuff I've personally seen. :blobowo:

@mrjunge Oh dear this remark of yours serves as a milestone to me, because I always hoped someday people might recognised me from my drawings, with a consistent style like you said:)

@mrjunge I think you meant "I am happy for you"? Yeah I can understand that perfectly well so it's fine XD

@Nightingalle and it looks great. I forgot to mention it on my previous toot. xD

@Nightingalle hope you can do it. You're good an you're welcome. :)

@Nightingalle glad to know you're getting better. :)

Here suffering with weather is getting hotter. :/
It's like I'm made of meat/meal. xD

@Nightingalle here is supposed to be more summer than spring, and is not yet summer, but well. I can't complain. xD
And to be honest, glad I am alive, I almost die due to it. I couldn't breathe. One a week ago I went with dad to work. And the warm weather was like a truly hell. I had to care some stuff. But I was burning. Thanks to God I'm alive. xD Somehow. xD

@Nightingalle thanks. :)
I also burn a little bit my arms. xD
But thanks again. :)

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