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Just finished drawing Hatsune Miku:)
Feel free to let me know what you think!


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Here comes a piece of music that I'm creating, let me what you guys think:) Background pic by myself:)

See you people later🎉

Holding grape juice in one hand and a mysterious smile in the other as I glide away XD


I remember I dreamt of someone screaming in high pitch right next to my ears just before I woke up from my nap today.

Thabk you

Lost count of how many times I've made this typo this month *proud and loud*

Oh imagine a drop of ink rendering a piece of snow-white tissue and then drop it into a little porclain bowl of water, and see the structures of each tenebrous finer sprouting out:)

I like writing stuff like this.
It's like meditation:)

Napping is definitely going to cause me delay going to bed at night...

Time to take a 🎉

my beloved guidance,
you are my beacon,
I drown in your torrent.

Seems all of a sudden everyone's started creating an alt

I think I'll braid my hair before I go to bed today

Just watched Mahoushoujo Ore E03, The male version of Sakuyo is just perfect XD

Saki's face and tone when mocking helplessly is just so vivid haha

Took this some days ago.
A type of morning glory I think:)


Just watched "Hinamatsuri"
Better than I expected, light, comedy, ocassional softness and constantly soothing:)
Hina's voice sounds so adorable:)


Jetzt esse ich Karamel Kaneel Gebäck, es schmeckt sehr lecker XD 🎉

Having caramel cinnamon biscuits they taste so good XD 🎉

You know sometimes I type in more formal spellings to avoid weird auto-correction and the need of finding apostrophe

See you people later🎉

Each time I blink my eyes,
1/60 of a minute hides,
It's a giant causality ,
not a roll of dice.