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I started taking art commissions now‼️

If you're interested please feel free to reply or DM me for more information~

Here are some samples of my drawings, I also draw in other styles too~

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Hey It's Illusion of Ideal! ( @ioi )
We just released our second songs!!!

We present to you "Crepuscular Euphoria" and "To Ember" (a prelude for CE)

You can check them out here:

-Crepuscular Euphoria (English Version)

-Crepuscular Euphoria (Japanese Version)


Musical composition: @Guresuke
Vocal: @Nightingalle

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on our work!

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🎉 I am most delighted to announce, that I have formed a musical unit with @Guresuke !

We are called "Illusion of Ideal"

Musical Composition: @Guresuke

Vocal: @Nightingalle

We hereby release the first songs that we have created together:

- Illusion of Ideal (English version)

- Illusion of Ideal (Japanese version)


Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on our work:)

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Here comes a piece of music that I'm creating, let me what you guys think:) Background pic by myself:)

Yanking the sofa cushions up looking for my phone everywhere before realising that I went to charged it a while ago

I’m sorry I don’t know how to hug people, I need a tutorial on that!

TFW you saw an article online that says “teach you how to hug a girl in ten steps”


chocolate ✅
honey butter potato snack✅
Beef jerky✅
dried plum✅
croissant ✅
apple tart✅
soda ✅

all is ready so snack time!!!!!!

by ステレオポニー

気になって 惑わされて

“レディーレ” by バルーン

「悪い夢なら 覚めて欲しい」


Does speaking a foreign language for too long makes your face look a bit like people from that country?

if yes please teach me how to say cat language

when love is gone. there's always justice. and when justice is gone. theres always force. and when force is gone. there's always lasaga

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