I wonder this issue, the complete destruction of digital data, solved by some really crazy cryptography.

One of my colleague is a crypt nerd and he is always thinking solving the trust issues by cryptography. Like mental poker, completely fair loot box, and fair CTF etc.

Then, this web sites technically prove that all the user's data was destroyed and cannot recovered.

Context: a online website which handle very sensitive materials(child porn, drugs, national crime etc) take the address and other personal information of the user, get things done, then destroy the user's address and other data which is in the form of digital data. So nobody can track the user.

By reading that news, I was thinking, if it's technically possible to prove the destruction of the digital data.

The recent news said, a famous manga author was caught by the police for possessing the child porn. It is said he was caught because he purchased child porn from the online seller and that seller was caught and their log was seized by the police.

So, I didn't tooted at friends.nico for a month. Before I leave again. I'd toot the interesting topic I usually tweet.




I didn't eat a chicken dinner for a while lately. Perhaps this was due to the recent strategy change of mine. My current strategy is get a vehicle ASAP and always camp at the center of the circle. This move consistently made me to Top 10 at 40% of times. But it doesn't allow me to win.

During the entire match, I didn't have an opportunity use Kar98k with 8x scope which is a shame. Just hit a few guys with Kar. No kill.

The first kill was by motorbike, a dude running desperately toward the circle and I was driving the motorbike. Tough luck.

The second kill was blind dude just run before me thinking it's safe. He even tried to cover behind the three. Completely revealing himself to me. UMP-9 does the job.

The third and forth kills were some camper noobs thinking he was safe on prone. Wrong.

Then, only three players left and the #2 kill the #3. I knew #2 location. he is behind the rock.

Chicken dinner at SOLO FPP. 5 Kill. UMP/Kar98k. This time, I scored a lot of kills.


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