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🎉 I am most delighted to announce, that I have formed a musical unit with @Guresuke !

We are called "Illusion of Ideal"

Musical Composition: @Guresuke

Vocal: @Nightingalle

We hereby release the first songs that we have created together:

- Illusion of Ideal (English version)


- Illusion of Ideal (Japanese version)




Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on our work:)

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Hey It's Illusion of Ideal! ( @ioi )
We just released our second songs!!!

We present to you "Crepuscular Euphoria" and "To Ember" (a prelude for CE)

You can check them out here:

-Crepuscular Euphoria (English Version)

-Crepuscular Euphoria (Japanese Version)


Musical composition: @Guresuke
Vocal: @Nightingalle

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on our work!

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@Tejas @Eidon @AmazonLily Same to you Tejas San ,hope a very prosperous year ahead!

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@Eidon @NanamiArina @AmazonLily Minna Happy New year 😍😍😍😍😍😍. May you have a wonderful year ahead of you.

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@Eidon @Tejas @AmazonLily Akemashite Omedetou~!!!! Hope you all a wonderful year ahead!!! 🎍🎊

Happy New Year Nanami-san, Te-chin, and Amazon-Lily-san!!

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@Eidon @AmazonLily @NanamiArina and Nanami chan since you are still studying may you have a wonderful years ahead and be gain super genius mind set in the field in which you are studying. And finally may all of us get amazing anime in the upcoming year that we are moving into😂😂😂😂

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@Eidon @AmazonLily @NanamiArina Merry Christmas (Belated). Sorry was busy with my final year project. Just finished this semester work. Didn't get time to wish you guys. Still merry Christmas Minna and gambate for the future. I hope all your wishes come true. May Eidon San gets more gigs to play his guitar in.(I listened to the link you send. It was nice). May Lily-chan continue writing new fan fiction and may she gain tremendous amount of following.

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@Eidon @AmazonLily @Tejas thankyou and same to you Eidon San! Hope you're Christmas was really amazing ! And miraculous one😊

@AmazonLily @NanamiArina @Tejas

Dearest friend, I hope that this christmas time shall bring you a lot of happiness and... beautiful anime! All the very best for you!

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@Tejas @Eidon @AmazonLily 😂🤣being an otaku is otaku ,😋
And I loved the Song! It's always my room's bgm now 😍😍😍

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@NanamiArina @Eidon @AmazonLily yup do check it out. I would like to hear your thoughts on it as well since I have been crazy about that song. At least heard it 100+ times in less then 3 days. Plus I ain't formal otaku, I am still an otaku 😂😂😂😂😂

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@NanamiArina @Eidon @AmazonLily I guess I am more of Zaimokusan. Yup is too hyper active and yukino is too cold. Unlike Hachiman I am made at avoiding work so yup I am Zaimokusan 😂😂😂.

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@Tejas @Eidon @AmazonLily oh that's great 😂😊more like an former otaku!
Hai! Genki desu, or you can say my life is as 'Oregairu's Hachiman ' 🤣

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